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Christina Stanton

Christina Stanton is the firm's business development lead.  She promotes COEFFICIENT's vision to execute the next generation of sustainability practices and energy and environmental market-driven strategies.   Her activities include product strategy, proposal/grant development, outreach, and partnership engagement.      


Tim Juliani

Tim Juliani is currently a Senior Advisor to COEFFICIENT. He is a recognized expert with over 16 years of experience at the nexus of climate, energy, policy and corporate sustainability. Most recently, Tim was Director of Corporate Engagement & Sustainability at Edison Energy, an advisory firm where he engaged with clients on their sustainability and renewable energy strategies and helping them achieve ambitious targets, improve reputation and manage risk. Prior to Edison Energy, Tim spent over a decade working with Fortune 500 companies devoted to climate-related policy and solutions as director of the multi-sectoral Business Environmental Leadership Council at C2ES (Center for Climate & Energy Solutions.