COEFFICIENT Announces Strategic Partnership with Xpansiv


COEFFICIENT Announces Strategic Partnership with Xpansiv to Transform Commodity Value in Global Markets through Digitization


Washington, DC – The COEFFICIENT Group is pleased to announce it will serve as a Strategic Partner with Xpansiv, a technology company dedicated to transforming the business of commodities for an abundant and profitable future.

Xpansiv is revolutionizing the commodities ecosystem by authenticating production data and refining it into Digital Feedstock™, a new, standardized format that combines data science, cryptography, and distributed-ledger technology to securely track vital source data—from production to consumption.

 The partnership joins Xpansiv’s deep domain expertise and diverse skillsets with COEFFICIENT’s energy and environmental industry expertise to create and support new architectures—policy, market, and regulatory—to align and secure opportunities related to sustainability and technological disruption.

 “Digital FeedstockTM will increase transparency, reduce transaction costs, and eliminate counter-party risk,” said Joe Madden, Xpansiv CEO. “The way energy is produced and shipped will directly influence its value in the marketplace, enabling unprecedented accountability. Our partnership with COEFFICIENT will enable us to build our business plan and ensure a strong foundation for the new digital ecosystem that will transform how commodities are valued and transacted worldwide.”

 "The COEFFICIENT Group looks forward to working with Xpansiv as we move forward on market demonstrations and innovative programs to facilitate the adoption of the Digital FeedstockTM platform,” said COEFFICIENT Partner Cameron Prell. “We are keen to support Xpansiv’s creative, forward-thinking solutions on standards, metrics, and environmental data integrity to advance sustainability as a bedrock of next generation energy and climate market design.”



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About Xpansiv

Xpansiv is a team of experts and industry leaders dedicated to improving the way commodities are produced, managed, and traded worldwide. By extracting and refining real-time production data, Xpansiv is revolutionizing the ecosystem, differentiating commodities based on their carbon impact and unlocking liquidity to deliver extraordinary new insights and opportunities. For information about Xpansiv, please visit


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